Lita said...

Your good :)
I "stole" one of your fonts at so i had to take a look at your blog:)

Lise, Norway

Lita said...

I will!! i have only cut my head in to the pic..
heres the original:

the text is in norwegian but youl find the pic further down..:)

theKirkness said...

dude! what decks are those? they look like they're from the late 80's.

you usually only see newer decks used for projects like this. It's hard to find boards with cool shapes.

looks cool anyway.
(found you on dafont)

Rachel Rutherford said...

Beautiful. Like a music oratorio -- not one deck, but a whole set of decks, all in one blazing gorgeous picture of a FISH and WAVES! This is inspiring, Billy.