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twinendeavors said...

Beautiful girl! Oh yeah...nice font too ;) I'm a self professed "fontaholic" and bumped into your blog recently and really love it. I'm old enough (a young 44) that I remember what life was like back before computers and fonts really didn't exist then other than the one or two typewriter manufacturers had commanded (they obviously lacked creativity). So I have a built in appreciate for the widening array of fonts these days. While I always enjoyed using a font that was more unique then most, now that I'm working in more of a marketing and graphics line of work, I've come to learn the even greater impact fonts can have. The font I choose to use, if selected with thought and purpose and if used correctly, can actually change the meaning of the written word greatly. For most, the ability to express oneself in the written versus the spoken word carries far more challenges beyond an understanding of English or the size of ones vocabulary. Now that people are spending more time communicating in the written word due to online chat, social media like Facebook posts, and email, versus spoken word on the phone or in person, the challenges we face in expressing ourselves have grown enormously. I'll bet everyone has been bitten in the ass at least once (probably a few times without knowing it) because the intention of what they had communicated in what they wrote was no where near how it was perceived by the reader.
Obviously, the written word lacks the inflection a voice carries which is probably the #1 advantage to the spoken word. Any husband, wife or parent knows this very well and uses it to their advantage. While CAPS, punctuation, and emoticons serve a fine purpose in the written word, fonts do so as well and in a much more refined and subtle manner. Since I don't have an iota of the creativity necessary to develop a vision of a new font, I'm as such limited to what's given me. If font selection were dependent on me, we'd be living in a very bland and boring "courier" kind of world. So with that, I say nice work Mr. Argel! Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts so freely. I personally appreciate it!